Alfredo Molero

Alfredo Molero Doval was born and raised in Madrid. From a very early age he enjoyed painting and drawing, charcoal and bleach used to give shape and volume to everything he created, something that in the future would be a constant in his work: the reliefs.
Immediately he was attracted by the natural materials, minerals, earth, bark of the tree and everything aged by the time, even recycled materials, being an influence for him the colors and reliefs that he saw in the trips that realized, the reddish brown of Jaipur , the worn walls of Rome and the sharp contrasts he could even photograph, important also the sense of movement he could experience in the stage he lived in New York.
He began his career by exhibiting at international fairs with different art galeries and evolving, working with large-scale paintings, mixing powerful color strokes with strong and cracked textures, trying not to make works very much the same, varying technique constantly but respecting a personal style.
The vital movement is a reference in his work, the rapid strokes like waves that carry forward without an exact course, in a large canvas, allows him to express his feelings freely.

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