Almas Kabani


The art

"Art is my 'language' of expressing my multidimensional feelings from deep within the inside of my soul.  And abstract art makes perfect sense to me because I can mix bold and bright colors from pure instinct and feel the excitement of unexpected outcome.  Perhaps the boldness comes from my femininity and because of my personal journey."  When you look at any piece you will experience all the emotions that the art shows you through its colors, its movement, it’s multiple textures and its depth.  With every piece, look behind or around the colors… watch how the color moves and mingles with the next color.  Within each painting are layers of colors that together bring harmony and thought-provoking emotions amongst the subtleties and frailties of the human mind.  Look at the texture of the color, which will change, depending upon the layer of color underneath.  Watch for shapes inside colors… do you see a face, eyes, bears, or other hidden creatures or figures?  Each piece is unique and can never be replicated, so what you see and ultimately hang in your home or business, is something no one  else will ever have.  

A note from Almas

I was 18 years old when I left Tanzania and East Africa for the first time to travel almost 10,000 miles to attend college in America.  I was really fortunate to be awarded an international full scholarship by an organization of women whose primary mission was education for girls.  A couple of years after I graduated and returned home, our country of birth went Socialist. My husband and I moved to the United States to make United States of America our home. We have been tremendously blessed and have lived the American dream.  Now it's time to give back.  

Painting is my passion, my challenge to experiment with colors and constantly be excited and surprised with the results.  I know I will not tire and will continue to paint as long as I can. I have a vision to donate ALL proceeds from the sale of my art to education for women from around the world.  I want them to have the opportunity to live their dream as I have done. This vision is what inspires and wakes me up each morning.

About the artist

Almas was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and was raised on the beautiful shores of the Indian ocean, spending time between the mainland and Zanzibar where her family, who were of Indian descent, had lived for four generations. Her passion for music, dance, art and theatre from a very early stage in her life fueled her creativity for all things artsy.  Her first black and white portrait was done at age 17 of a world renowned figure and was autographed by him one year later.  After college, she began working in the business world.  Her career involved fashion designs and she created patterns, fabrics, and designed clothing for major retailers in the United States, including Disney World. 

In the past several years, she has concentrated on her art and indeed it is her paintings that will evoke a visceral response, as she combines colors, movement and texture to create motion that resemble tapestries and fluidity that resembles cosmic shifts.  The paintings vary from being galactical to being grounded and earthy.  She now devotes most of her time to art and puts all her inspiration and emotional expression on canvas.


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