Anja Hessler is a German born artist and designer who has been living and  working in the UK since 1995. She creates moving sculptures from precious  metals, aluminium, copper, steel, acrylic and wood.  

Minimalism and Design as Art plays a dominant role in her artistic practice,  drawing inspiration from the Modernism movement and in particular the  Bauhaus aesthetic and its focus on form and function. Her work explores  materials, shape, textures, balance, light and movement in space.  

Anja uses traditional techniques to manipulate each metal element to bring  out traces of degradation and humidity. Objects are fused onto carefully  crafted rods balancing through space and time, interconnecting present and  memory. Her recent work focuses on opposites; combining the simplicity and  precise nature of geometric forms with organic textures allowing nature to take control over time. Movement and reflection of light will draw new shapes  transforming the aesthetic of the sculpture from a static object to an  interactive installation. 


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