Belle Roth

Belle has an economics degree and holds a market development role for a global corporation. Being exposed to art and travel at a young age transformed into how she sees the world.  She learned early that there are lots of things that you don’t learn in business school, such as empathy towards other people and sensitivity to the unspoken words. 

Her art is influenced by her approach to life, social issues, and experiences.  She grew up in the Philippines and witnessed discrimination based on how people were treated based on their social economic standing. This served as her personal goal related to advocating for equality and respect. 

In 2019, her curiosity and desire for self-discovery led her to painting contemporary art.  Today, she lives in Memphis, TN while juggling a full-time career, assisting her husband with his charitable endeavors and navigating her artistic journey. 

Belle is represented by art galleries in New York, Florence, Rome , Madrid and Portugal.

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