Bianca Maria Hoppe

Bianca-Maria Hoppe was born on 29.12.1973 in Braunschweig.
Even as a child she was enthusiastic about dance, theatre, fashion design, photography and
painting.As her family was deaf, she is fluent in sign language. She worked as a make-up artist,  stylist & color and style consultant - took different classes in comic and caricature drawing as well as interior design and interior architecture. When applying make-up, she always saw the model as a living canvas - so the person became a living work of art, which she created. The artists places of work and residence range from Braunschweig, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich to Leipzig.
Bianca- Maria Hoppe has been working as a self-taught artist for 6 years. Her main focuses in painting are abstract, pop art, expressionism, modern & contemporary art as well as action painting !She likes to experiment with different painting media like oil, acrylic, charcoal pencil, colored pencil, fineliner, watercolor on paper, canvas, leather and wood. Furthermore, she combines art with fashion & furniture design and creates mainly leather jackets, bags and small pieces of furniture.

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