Coruñés by birth, adopted Madrileño and self-taught, my artistic career focuses primarily on painting, graphics, and more recently, photography, all of them activities that I have combined with working as creative and art director in prominent advertising agencies. I am currently fully dedicated to my artistic work.
I’ve put on several solo exhibitions in Spain as well as taking part in group exhibitions and art fairs both in Spain, Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, coinciding with te Venice Biennial 2017, the US (New York, Miami and San Diego) and México.
My work has been profiled in different media including El punto de las artes, Arte fotográfico and Best of photography 2015 (Photographer’s forum magazine). Some of my paintings are in the private collections of BAO & Partners and UBS.

My work focuses on abstraction and is often inspired by landscape, works I often refer to as “Non-landscape landscapes”.
With sober colours, my paintings move between earth colours, ochre and vermillion, sometimes reaching extremes, from absolutely white expanses to the deepest darkness. I use mixed media, often combining plaster, marble dust or iron filings. This gives my work a tactile and three dimensional character. This combination of colour and texture takes us to a barren place, reminiscent of moorlands, plains and rocky outcrops that bestow my paintings with a primeval terrain feel.
The majority of my works share a common compositional element: the division of the pictorial space by a more or less explicit horizon line which gives the work a great balance, which I pervert with the help of dirty, impure colours, textures, lumps, scratches and other elements. Harmony and chaos battle each other to prevail in the final piece.
Aside from painting, I have experimented with photography under the same conceptual premise: a series of photographic landscapes and painted textures. These are photographed, digitally manipulated and superimposed over the original photograph. Perverted landscapes.
Conceptually, my interest in landscape as an artistic theme is to remove it from its reality –in painting by abstraction, in photography through the interaction between it and painted textures– thus giving it another spirit, a different reality, imagined, dreamed or encountered, entering reality in the form of the art object.

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