David Arrieta, through visual art, expresses the emotions and feelings that we currently experience as a society, promoting empathy, as that forgotten capacity that must arise in different situations and human interactions, both negative and positive. For this reason, his works have a delicate process of creation with a unique and own innovative technique, which combines originality, materials of different types and textures, composition of manual techniques, painting processes, plus the accompaniment of the incomparable light that lets see the wonder of his world. 

After capturing this universe, he obtains as a result a unique and unrepeatable specimen, with deep expression and lines never before exhibited as art in a photograph. 

His art has been liked by Laurent Feniou, Managing Director of Cartier, for two of his works, entitled: -POWER- and -INSIDE YOU-, from the OVERCOME series. 

Throughout his 25 years of experience as a visual artist, cinematographer, photographer, art director, and creator of audiovisual content, he

has captured the beauty of the human essence in his different roles and environments for various Canadian and Latin American multinationals.


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