I paint spontaneously. I like to experiment with colours and layering them thickly on canvas.  Huge scale canvases give me a sense of  freedom to paint. I like to paint with my hands as they give me a sense of direct connection. I can simultaneously feel the colours and the canvas. Sometimes I use cards, floor wipers, and cardboard to apply pigments. By doing so, I  get broad lines and different textures. My paintings are primarily abstract and I pour my   thoughts and feelings onto the canvas. I usually place colour directly on the canvas with my   hands, and then, the colours guide me through the process.  


I love colours, and I love the atmosphere a painting creates. I like to observe people, I am   inspired by people who have changed lives emotionally, physically, and ones who are compassionate. I feel everyone one of us is different emotionally. Our expressions are based  on how sensitive one is and how we perceive the world around us. We need to process and express everything that we absorb in. Painting for me is a channel to express and articulate. 


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