Fiona Koene is a visual artist, living and working in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Shape and residual shape have always fascinated Fiona. From her work as a graphic designer, these two contrasts -  which also complement each other - have inspired the work she creates. 

Since 2018, Fiona has been creating modern art by embossing (press on paper) of abstract shapes on fine art paper.  A minimalist expression, with an emphasis on creating different dimensions. Through this technique, the touch of light  plays with her work. 

The urge to create her own autonomous designs was expressed during her study at the Art & Design College Utrecht,  where Fiona graduated cum laude in 2016. There she found the true passion in autonomously creating her own work. 

“Due to the lack of color I look for the tension between the different shapes, so that residual shape is just as important as  the shape itself” 

In her design, Fiona plays with composition and shadow play, inspired by graphic forms that she designs herself. By  seeking clear simplicity, her artwork is reduced to the most essential line and form from which the work derives its  strength. She combines shape and residual shape in such a way that a game arises that every viewer interprets  differently depended on light and mood. That is what fascinates her. 

Her work can best be described as a whole, a capture of the resulting balance and calmth in form and remainder that  changes through the streak of daylight and the fall of shadows. 


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