Frauke Veldkamp

Frauke Veldkamp is an experienced artist from Germany whose works have been exhibited in Germany, Europe, and the USA. She studied Art at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg, Germany. Her art is represented in art collections such as the Masterpieces of the Henry Nannen Collection of the art museum Kunsthalle Emden and the art@SAP art collection at SAP headquarters
in Walldorf, Germany.

She locates her painterly roots in abstract expressionism and free, intuitive composition. Veldkamp's compositions are inspired by "a pool of inner images" derived from sensations which result from nature, extensive travels and meditative experiences.

She works primarily abstractly with acrylic and oil pastels, without a plan or preliminary sketch. The paintings emerge from her intuition, memories, mood and emotions. She likes to work gesturally and incorporate the formal language of calligraphy. She perceives colors as individual personalities with their strengths and their needs, but also with their limitations.

In her expressive paintings, the eye is always set in motion and guided through the entire image, where foreground and background are interwoven. She says, "I direct the eye through the dynamics of many layers, movements and spaces of color to the supporting background. The paintings reflect back to the viewer their inner worlds of perceptions."

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