"Painting is the moment in which I find myself. Through it, I unleash my creativity and feel free. I satisfy the expectations of my clients with an impeccable design or a painting that fits perfectly. It is my main objective and always a great satisfaction ”. The Art Director and Spanish painter based in Germany Gema Cebrián began her artistic career as a child. Her intense artistic vocation led her to study at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and later to specialize in the graphic and editorial design sector.

This multidisciplinary training, in which art and design merge and complement each other, give her a special vision of aesthetics and an enormous creative capacity, which is beautifully evident in her work, highly appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Using the power of colour, the versatility of materials and an impeccable technique, Cebrián brings structure, movement and a fascinating abstraction to her works. Her paintings captivate the viewer and emphatically and elegantly dress each room in which they are.

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