Gerrit Hodemacher

Gerrit Hodemacher is a German artist who was born in Hanover in 1976. Since childhood, he began to express his creativity, particularly through acting and writing poetry and stories. Gerrit graduated with a degree in business administration, but his passion for art showed again in 2019 when he decided to start painting to free his emotions.

He describes the work called «Humility», which he painted the night before his father’s death (november 2019), as a special experience and cornerstone of his art career. Gerrit Hodemacher paints abstract works of art with elements of Expressionism. He works with acrylic and spray cans. Gerrit paints exclusively from the emotion, which is neither very positive nor very significant. The artist prefers to paint in large format. In 2020 Gerrit exhibited his works in Genoa, Milan, Monaco and New York. Various daily newspapers in Germany reported on his rapid career.

We are glad to collaborate with Gerrit and represent him internationally.

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