Giuseppe D’Angelo

Giuseppe D’Angelo was born in Palermo (Southern Italy) in 1979. He lives and works between Padua, Venice, and Beijing, and he teaches Sculpture Techniques at the Academy of Arts in Venice.

Since his childhood, he knew that the best way to discover the world and to connect to others was through Art. Therefore, after finishing high school in 1999, he enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Palermo, where he underwent a rigorous course of studies dedicated to classical sculpture. In 2002, he attended the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos in Valencia (Spain) for a year, where he focused on iron and marble sculpture. When he returned to Palermo in 2003, he finished his diploma in sculpture and obtained a two-year certificate in Plastic Disciplines (2006). During this time, D’Angelo deepened his knowledge of Art History and various techniques, and created a personal mode of expression, which allowed him to give voice to his own individuality, philosophy and love for making Art.

D’Angelo began his artistic vocation at a very young age, and presented his works in numerous exhibitions throughout the world (Italy, France, Germany, China, Spain,   Principality of Monaco and Portugal). He also collaborated with artist Vanessa Beecroft (New York), and with movie director and painter Mitra Farahani (London).


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