Jay Frank

JAY FRANK is a contemporary visual artist based in Munich, Germany. His hardedge style consists of abstract shapes, colorful forms and optical patterns. Frank's work combines elements of Concrete Art and Post Digital Art with aspects of Modern and Minimal design.

His current works focus heavily on geometry and linear shapes. Frank begins by sketching and designing shapes on paper and in digital software. The results of which he develops into fnal compositions and paints onto canvas, connecting the digital techniques with mechanical and traditional methods of painting.

By merging concepts of geometric abstraction with graphical projection Frank’s works invite the viewer to experience a dance of color and shape. Colour felds appear to overlap and distort the viewers perception of the forms, creating dynamic patterns that visually connect geometry and art. Frank works with a diverse variety of media. He’s as comfortable painting large murals as he is drawing on paper. He thrives on working with mixed media and building 3D objects with wood, metal or moldable materials.

Today, Frank focuses on creating bold, conceptual and original artworks for collectors and designconscious clients from across the globe.

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