Juliana Plexxo

Juliana was born in Bogotá, Colombia, on August 25, 1993. Since she was a child, her inclination for painting was like a gifted person that she was polishing over the years.

Juliana studied at the University of Navarra and later went on to have an artistic residency at the legendary Joan Barbará workshop, where Picasso, Miro, Dali and many others developed the technique of engraving in Barcelona.

Juliana has developed in muralism and today she has three murals around the world in Miami Wynwood, Simon Bolovar's residence in Ecuador and in El Barrio de las Letras in Madrid.

She has exhibited her engravings in different exhibitions around the world and her mission is to make unique pieces combining engraving with other painting techniques.


During her first years of life, she was guided by her father, Óscar García Calderón, a renowned bullfighting journalist for El Espectador, was assassinated on February 22, 1998, by discovering and publishing drug trafficking links with bullfights in Colombia. His death went unpunished. Juliana and her father had a close relationship during her first years of life, he took her to many bullfighting festivals of the time, when children were welcome in the festivals. Since those days Juliana began to have a close connection with the colors red, white, and black. In addition to looking very closely at the physiognomy of the bull. Although it was the life that he had to live, her work is an ovation to the bull as being of nature.


Joan Barabará was one of the great Spanish and world artists pioneers in the art of engraving, began his career in 1950 as a private workspace and ended up becoming a place of experimentation of open engraving techniques for the most influential and recognized artists of the world. The most important artists of the last century passed through this magical place such as Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Saura, Millares, Dieter Roth, Cuixart, Joseph Beuys, Miquel Barceló, Jaume Plensa, and Victor Vasarely, among others. Currently, the workshop offers the opportunity to recruit promising young and emerging artists such as Juliana Plexxo, to train in the technique of engraving, currently forgotten by new generations due to digital advances. Juliana was one of the few emerging artists to train with the greats, currently her direct teachers are the following generations of the teacher Barbará (her son Virgili B. and her grandson Om Barbará). Juliana is causing a sensation in the art world by combining this lost technique with her brushstroke. All of Juliana's works and prints are born from this legendary workshop where a few years ago a Miró matured his technique.

All the works of Juliana Plexxo are certified and authenticated by the Boan Barbará workshop.

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