From Berlin, working and living on Lake Constance, in Munich and Fuerth (Germany)

I am an artist in search of the poetry of life.

I've lived my life with art, not just as a painter, but with origins in design and communication. I feel most alive when I immerse myself in the creative process.


In my life I have the privilege of working hard in a job that is worthwhile. Art, design and communication are the media that shaped my journey of discovery and teach me the art of life every day.

My optimism and the constant desire to push boundaries are reflected in my work.


In my works on paper and canvas, I explore the rhythmic line.

The focus of my work is playing with energy and movement, from which everything arises. Every work is a process in which the lines and shapes are created with oil pastels, brushes and paints.

In the new works the focus is more on the color and takes its place in the rhythm and in the lines. The colors show their optical effect in contrast to the white background and often form their own characters, markings or letters that are reminiscent of scribbled thoughts and give the work its own dimension.


The conscious, multi-layered painting process with the alternation of color application and overpainting creates the illusion of a fast, uncomplicated work of art that combines intuition and beauty. Quickly set lines in clear color compositions are created with three-dimensional areas of color made of pressed paint that is applied with the fingers, originally applied to the canvas with the hands, without a brush. This playful process is a letting go and creates layered line art in which the effect of surface and materiality play an important role.


I completed my studies at the Burg Giebichenstein / Halle art college.


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