Katja van den Bogaert

Dutch artist, Katja van den Bogaert, has always been fascinated by abstraction. For her, creating art is a source of energy that has the
power to express and inspire. Van den Bogaert creates dynamic, non- representational work through her use of mixed-media techniques, building layers and creating distinct consistencies.

Van den Bogaert explores the relationship between the seen and the unseen. She believes that our inner and outer worlds are connected and that our perspectives inform our reality. Her paintings reflect her journey; working spontaneously, adding, blending, and manipulating paint until

her canvas compellingly resonates within her. Nature inspires Van den Bogaert’s work, particularly the landscapes of the Netherlands. She uses these natural elements to lead the direction of her compositions and aims to stimulate an emotional reaction. She states, “I desire to create paintings that engage my viewers and that triggers a sensory response. If you look longer, see, and feel, there is a layered story within my compositions; a world that lies deep beyond the surface.”

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