Katya Koning is a Ukrainian artist, living with her family in Amsterdam. Katya’s journey in becoming an international selling artist, brought her through 4 very different countries with each their own beauty and cultures. This experience has brought Katya a unique way to see the world in all its beauty and elegance, through the eyes of locals. It has given her an opportunity to broaden her horizon and opening her mind and heart which resulted in gaining valuable skills and visions which are the basis for her artistic career.


The spark that ignited her artistic career was a simple easel that she received as a Valentine’s gift from her husband when they resided in the Philippines. Having always cherished the wish to paint, this gift turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful journey in the world of art and led her to be able to express herself on canvas.


​Katya’s favorite medium is oil, while she also works in acrylic and other mediums. She loves painting landscapes, as it reflects one of her biggest passions, traveling. Painting landscapes is a way to travel in dreams or to preserve a memory of a beautiful trip. ​


Another favorite of Katya is to paint florals as nature is her biggest inspiration and offers a natural way of relaxation. By being able to live in different countries with each their own flora and fauna, she enjoyed very different natural creative inspirations and esthetic experiences. From deserts in the Middle East, to tropical islands in the Philippines to lush forests, dunes and heaths in The Netherlands, these are all different themes of her floral artworks. It is therefore one of her true talents to notice and appreciate the beauty of mother nature in all its glory and variety. 


Katya considered herself lucky to be able to make trips to many amazing places throughout her career. This led to the creation of some beautiful and dear to her heart paintings that will always decorate walls all over the world. Her paintings are in private collections in the Philippines, Japan, the USA, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East.


Currently, Katya is further developing her career as a student at the Wackers academie in Amsterdam where she resides. The Wackers Academy is a training institute for fine arts and more specifically figurative drawing, painting and sculpture. This helps her to explore new styles and inspirations as she always aspires to keep on evolving and progressing. 


Presented artworks in Van Gogh Art Gallery are the few latest artworks from her Cacti collection which is a very vibrant and playful mini collection where she tried a different style and approach. You can see her earlier and other works in her online portfolio at katyakoning.com or check her instagram account for a daily inspiration @katyakoning.art


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