Kim Chesney

Chesney’s work is heavily influenced by her decades of travel to inspiring world cities
such as Tokyo, Nairobi, Athens, Rome and Mexico City. Her work embodies a
modern day connection to processes that have been practiced for thousands of years.
Encaustic, meaning “to burn in,” was developed in the first century by the Egyptians,
Romans and the Greeks. Chesney’s pieces use organic beeswax, oil pastels developed
by Picaso, and exquisite parchments collected from around the world. The
parchments are made using techniques that have been handed down through the
The joy that comes from creating and sharing her art feeds her mental, physical, and
emotional well-being to euphoric proportions. The historical quality of Chesney’s
medium connects her to her Italian heritage and connects her heart through the
beauty of art.
“Art is a universal language that unites us both spiritually and historically.”

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