Luca Bornoffi, born in Mantua in 1980 grew up in the countryside amongst horses. He’s an  artist, entrepreneur, traveller and explorer inspired by waves. Throughout school he never paid attention in  class and instead filled his notebooks with sketches which were inspired by what he saw beyond the  classroom window. After various sojourns overseas for study and pleasure, he graduated with a degree in  Science and Agricultural Technology and Interior Design, even though his genuine passion was and still  remains with art, traveling, hospitality, eco design and surf. 

“I grew up on a farm in between horses, in a wild environment and for me, it’s very important to be  surrounded by colour all the time. We often forget where colours originate from, especially within nature.  When you observe nature, you see this truly amazing colour and you wonder how it’s possible to create  such a strong colour. My biggest inspiration for me and also my art was when I started to work with more  geometric styles in my artwork. I more recently switched into circles, because circles can represent  different things. For me. I say they represent the core of life, where we come from and they represent  connections. They represent coincidences life and the imperfections of life.

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