Lucas Nagel was born in 1974 and raised in Basel/Switzerland. He grew up in an artistic family, where the father worked as a musician and the mother as a graphic designer, and gained insight into art since childhood through them.

For the last 28 years he has lives and work in Sweden and underwent education in free arts in Stockholm and on Gotland. During the studies he also worked as an assistant and apprentice with sculptor Bengt Amundin both in Sweden and in Italy (Pietrasanta). After graduating, he started freelancing, bought a studio and did national as well as international exhibitions. After a couple of years with less activity in the studio, due to his large family including five children, he now works continuously again in his studio, teaches as an art teacher and plans upcoming exhibitions.


In his art, Lucas Nagel pursues his fascination with nature's diversity, especially shapes and structures. The hunter’s and gatherer’s instinct is strongly present when he is in the wild, and several small finds later end up on the work table to be photographed or depicted. The photos will be processed by "destroying" or distorting them with collage and color and built up in a new reality that was not in its origin. One of the core themes in Lucas art is to focus on the simple and beautiful details of reality in nature that we often let pass us by so fast that we do not take notice or feel connected. The thrive is to emphasize our origin and reconnection in nature, showing how to take advantage of it and at the same time, with humbleness and respect, participate.


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