Malwina Jagóra

I create my works using contours, contrasts, and geometric layouts, which form erotic images. Without shadow, gradients allow the recipient to fill the rest of the image. The technique used is the heart of the collection. For each of us has a different outlook on eroticism, and my paintings allow customers to define it in their own way. 

In current times, access to naked body images acts, and pornography is common. The internet is flooded with nudity. Walking the streets we see billboards with ads for topless models. For me, this message leaves no room for imagination, which is why the images I created are not entirely clear and final. I wanted to let the recipient himself launched his erotic imagination and saw something more in my paintings. 

In my opinion, the P oles’ sexual games are still taboo. We don’t talk about sex openly. We don’t share sexual experiences with friends. This collection also serves as an educational dimension – shows might look like an intimate sphere of human life. – Malwina Jagóra

I graduated from the Academy of Arts W. Strzemiński in Łódź. I obtained my diploma in 2016 from dr hab. Monika Krygier, prof. ASP in the Studio of Visual Communication. I do tattooing and painting. My works can be found in private galleries in the country and abroad. I am currently associated with Katowice. 


-Strzemiński: Sztuki Piękne – group exhibition , Lodz, 2014

-Krakowski Salon Sztuki – group exhibition , Cracow, 2019

-Wniebowzięta – Fundacja4Style, Cracow, 2019

-#LOCKDOWN – group exhibition, Gallery Dystans, Cracow, 2020

-Art3f Monaco – International Art Fair, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Monaco, 2020

-Collective Art Show – group exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, 2020

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