He graduated in 2014 at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa after having previously attended the Niccolò Barabino Art School. Meanwhile he studied piano at the Niccolò Paganini Conservatory, where he graduated in 2008.

Since 2015 he works as an architect in collaboration with the AMW architetture studio in Genoa. 

Simultaneusly, he carries on his passion for self-taught painting: a research in which memory and the unconscious are generating elements of an abstract painting that originates from the research on the origin of the perceived form and from the phenomenic reality reworked emotionally through remembrance.

In 2016 and 2020 he exhibited his works at Satura Art Gallery, with whom he is still collaborating. 

He was awarded at the 2017 Genoa Biennale, as an emerging artist at the 2019 edition and awared at the 2021 Genoa Biennale.

He has presented his work in Arte Genova Fair, ArtParmaFair.


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