Monica Saba

Monica Saba was born in 1993 in Sardinia (Italy), where she spent most of her life and completed her education, receiving a Master’s Degree in International Management in 2019.

In 2020 she started developing her artistic path, to which she commits for continuous growth and improvement. What mainly drives her in the act of painting is a pure desire of playing with a mix of tools and materials and having a deep and meaningful interaction with the canvas.

In realizing her pieces, she typically uses acrylic paint, charcoal and oil pastels. Behind her work only spontaneous and intuitive gestures. No pre-set idea is ever involved. This will result in the creation of pieces that are mainly influenced by the current feelings rather than a concept of aesthetic.

Her usual technique consists in the realization of multiple layers, aimed at creating different surface effects given by rough textures, transparencies, reliefs, overlays, contrasts of different kind, that are often combined with decisive and dynamic brush strokes, lines and shapes.

He above mentioned interaction with the canvas, that is probably an unconscious interaction with herself. In the acts of adding, taking off, scraping and washing away, relies a tendency to create and destroy, explore, change and evolve that can be seen as an effect of the constant research of the movement in its broadest sense and the avoidance of stillness.

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