Pascie is an abstract painter. A highly creative, original, and complete visual artist. Originally from Amsterdam and currently based in Antwerp. Pascie is a risk-taker, not hindered by much, craving for creation, and always going the extra mile. He enjoys inviting the unknown and the unexpected, moving from chaos into harmony and back. Interested in the relationships between chaos and harmony, music and painting, as well as spirit and color.
He creates experimental, colorful, and bold artwork, often communicating a deeper message with the intent to alleviate the “human project”. He stands for wildlife protection and respect for animal life in general, environmental activism, and fair distribution of capital. Pascie is constantly collecting experiences in an inner world, associating them with what he perceives in the natural and human world, being concerned about the spiritual development of human beings. He strives for a high level of abstraction, through somewhat familiar natural shapes, coming from an insatiable need to explore, to experience, to find ourselves, and to go further.

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