Patrick Domo

Patrick Domo, 23 year old abstract realist painter living and working in Germany.


After studying in Germany and Korea, the artist is working on two series of large format paintings on canvas. One part of the self taught painters´ major body of work includes large scale portrait paintings depicting ICONS of pop culture. With his abstract expressive style the artist navigates the dangers of assessing and labeling while also capturing the true core of a character through a combination of realism and abstraction. Domo´s portraits on large canvases represent the larger than life impact of the characters that are shown in his work.


His second and more recent series UNTITLED moves away from classic portraiture displaying pure emotion, breaking up surfaces while keeping the structure of figuration. Domo is showing his work in carefully crafted exhibitions in Germany with paintings owned by collectors in multiple European countries, Russia, Switzerland and the United States.


With the release of the newest series: «U», the artist constructs a conceptual mirror, showing daily situations in large scale contemporary oil paintings on the basis of a multi angled thematic approach. Both the mirror for the viewer & society in general and a more personal aspect including the artists memories, emotions and desires are represented in this series.


«U is everything I see, U is a mirror» -Patrick Domo

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