Petra Reissmann

Petra Reissmann, born in Frankfurt / Main, grew up and living in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

I have always been engaged in creative processes and finally found my fulfillment in abstract painting.

The use of different materials and various techniques characterizes my artworks, the mostly large-scale works are always lost in details and yet give the viewer enough space for free inspiration. 

Dr. Häring, art historian and long-time museum director described it as follows:

«Petra Reissmann creates paintings of power and concentration, which possess fullness and tension. Her special way of pastose application of different materials with the paint causes a picture texture in which the nervous system of life, the personality of the artist and the relation to the surrounding space merge in the process of painting.»

And also, «It is a scratching, a cutting in, also full of emotion into what she wants as a picture.» 

A selection of my exhibitions : Art Fair Leipzig, Art Bodensee, Art fair Brussels, Arnsburg Monastery, Art fair Milan and discovery art fair in Frankfurt.

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