Prudence Au


Prudence is a highly sought-after creations of the Hong Kong artist enjoy worldwide recognition. She graduated as an abstract artist with high acclaims in Fine Art in France & Hong Kong. With an indescribable passion in painting and enlightenment from her father, she has been drawing and coloring ever since the age of 3.

Since 2022, she selected as exhibiting artist to represented in renowned art galleries in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. In 2023, Prudence has been recognized by a growing number of international institutions that she won various renowned International Artist Awards in Europe such as “Universal Artist Award, Leonardo Da Vinci”, “International Award, Michelangelo – The Genius of Italy” and “Top Artists Award” etc.

Prudence’s work reflects her love for nature and signature artistic vision in matters in its primitive state. Every single line on her artwork is painted free-handed with a high degree of precision to remain grounded to the work of mother nature rather than by objective depiction. Drawn from her unique pursue in abstract art tradition and deep engagement. She excels in the work of a dynamic rendition of vibrant and eccentric coloring and signature contouring layer by layer. Articulating the textures of the soul through a vivacious manipulation of oil, acrylic and ink. Prudence records her language in the most powerful construct of nonparallel lines and planes, creating a complex and delicate structure that no camera could capture offering the viewers with in real life spatial and spiritual involvement through their naked eyes. With a special bonding with her father, observers would pry into the artist’s desire to ignite and to inspire the world to never stop exploring the highest pursue in life.

Colours and textures are two of the main elements with a surging passion and positivity, she sees life filled with colors. She creates vibrant coloring and dynamic rendition to illustrate life’s aesthetics and purpose. Articulating the textures of the soul through a vivacious manipulation of ink, oil and acrylic that showcasing her work of obsession in examining the materiality of textures in art.

The elegant paintings are particularly effective in a discreet ambience and sparkle with life and harmony. The contemporary art of Prudence Au is more than popular and so especially commissioned works are considered a real achievement. The renowned artist makes a very personal experience with her art possible by incorporating individual motifs into her artworks on request.

Further impressions of the artist's work and more about Prudence Au's life can be found on her Instagram @gallerpru or website



2023 “Universal Artist Award, Leonardo Da Vinci”
2023 “Top Artists Award, The Protagonists of Contemporary Art”
2023 “International Artist PEGASUS Award”
2023 “International Award, Michelangelo – The Genius of Italy”
2023 “The Star of Art and Market Award”
2023 “The Career Art Award”
2023 “Art Dimond – Museum Artists Award”
2023 “Most Successful Women – Artist of the Year”, Jessica Magazine by South China Media


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