Born January 26, 1981, I am married and we have 2 children (8 and 6 years old).  All my life I have a strong love for creating sculptures, furniture and objects. In 2002 I started  sculpting in stone. Not much later I won the “Zilveren Kei” Audience Award, an art prize for  young talent. 

Stimulated by many assignments and favorable reviews of my work, I decided to stop at my employer in January 2020 to fully focus on my great passion for sculpture. I currently work in bronze and stone and combinations of these materials. My images vary from  harmonic abstract to layered figurative. They can all be characterized as a surprising  representation of my life. Besides sculptures I also create furniture and (utility) objects. Here too my search for and stretching the boundaries of my imagination results in unexpected solutions and designs. 

Besides making free work, I love to make a fully personalized sculpture on commission for a  special occasion or location. I take my clients along the process in which I translate my own  style and design into a unique sculpture / design object. Absolute balance, movement and  energy are my main starting points. 

I have now completed dozens of assignments for private individuals at home and abroad. For  example, I made a sculpture of a life-size turtle for the Khamai Reptile park in South Africa, I  made a design for the decoration of pillars in a location of Flexizone in Eindhoven and I was  commissioned to sculpt a miniature Porsche, which was offered to Dr. Wolfgang Porsche. I am  also included in the art collection of art collector of Frits Becht. 

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