About the artist

Richard Kenigsman was born in 1945 in Belgium.

He lives and works in Brussels.

Richard Kenigsman is an international artist known for his involvement in the Jewish community.

For more than thirty-five years, Richard Kenigsman has been developing his research around three practices: painting, sculpture and drawing.

It is with irony, self-mockery or subversion that he revisits and diverts old photos or old advertisements to answer by painting the question of Jewish identity and traces of memory attached to it.

If he draws some humorous, sarcastic or subversive traits, it is because the very serious and therefore the very playable are in turn at work in his work.

For him the challenge is: "who am I?" Jew, artist, religious, layman, Belgian, European? 

For us the game is: "who are we? "Spectator, critic, collector, Jew, French, Belgian, ... the test and the risk of painting less.

In short between him and us can open many spaces through which we will be able to attempt possible passages.

We invite you to the pleasure and the joy of entering into painting and to come out again to yourself.

Richard Kenigsman is present in many private collections in Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, New York and Jerusalem.

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