Ron Miller, Ronny Kindt and Marcus Klüh

We make art. And would like to change everyday life with art. Objects, toilets, contain-ers, spaces, walls, canvases… What we see is charged with our own projections. What you see from us is for your own emotions and thoughts. With heart and feelings, we present to you our version of everyday life. Are we changing the world for the better with it? We don’t know. But we are making it is a bit more aesthetic.Whether the RON MILLER Klo at the urban art exhibition WANDELISM or the fashion pop-up gallery on Goethe- straße in Frankfurt: Inspired by street art, we developed a style using a variety of techniques with paste-ups, installations, tags, collages, and everything else that came to mind.” Ronny & Marcus

RON MILLER – urban concept art from Berlin. This is Marcus Klüh and Ronny Kindt. The multidisciplinary working artist duo follows its very own aesthetics:

“What we see, we charge with our messages.With heart and emotions, we show you our version of everyday life. Do we make the world a better place? At least, we make it a little more aesthetic.”

With a style of paste-ups, collages, tags as well as a special lacquer and brush technique, we create canvases, objects or even entire rooms. RON MILLER’s recurring motifs are their geisha, the motto FUCK FAME, and the theme of home, which the artists reinterpret according to their very own rules. From Frank furt’s Pop Up Gallery to Milan’s Design Week and Berlin’s Electro Club – Klüh and Kindt do what they feel like doing. RON MILLER should touch, inspire, provoke, be fun – a very personal experience for everyone.

In addition to renowned exhibitions such as Wandelism, Monumenta, Berlin Art Week, ARTMUC, LUXARTFAIR and the Design Week Milan, the artists opened their first own Pop Up Gallery in Frankfurt am Main end of 2018. The two solo exhibitions “MAD & BED” and “TRIP” in Berlin followed in 2019. The artists are currently working eagerly on their new exhibition theme “TRUE HEROINES” which will dominate the next upcoming projects. “TRUE HEROINES” will also hopefully be presented at the SCOPE Miami 2020 in December. It is not surprising that the RON MILLER portfolio also convinces prominent personalities.

Wolverine actors Hugh Jackman, Alec Voelkel from Boss Hoss or Wladimir Klitschko are among well known owners of RON MILLER works.

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