Samantha Carell

Samantha Carell. Scientific. Playful. Color theorist. Whimsical.  Absolute gem.

Imagine Carell brow furrowed, glasses propped upon her nose, and paint all over her hands.

She’s got the look of a messy artist, but a brain connecting thoughts like constellations at about a mile a minute. She’s in the zone, fluid in movement. Calculating, but relaxed.

When painting, she embodies her art–her previous studies of light and illumination.

Her work? Disciplined and structured. Romantic and free. Fresh paint. Fresh vision.

Let her art take you away to her studio, up through your most well-kept dreams…

And then back down to Earth with a feathery landing. Enjoy the ride with Ms. Sam Carell.

She’s always one to welcome you along with her.

Focused on illumination, Samantha`s Carell artwork is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and learning through mistakes. While convinced I am at the right place right now, my subject begins to evolve into wondering possibility. I love discovering new materials and how they might speak to science and the aesthetic experience. My drive pushes my work to continually evolve as it takes on many new guises on my artistic journey.

I challenge myself with new mediums and materials; art and creating is one of the only thing I can bounce around with, spend hours working on, change directions a million times, and have a beautiful end product. There is no right or wrong in my process, but a desire for continual learning. From an alternative perspective, the work I create offers an opportunity to for myself to focus, and also for others to explore their inner worlds, keying in a source of light and balance within themselves.

With a formal training in art, I have vast knowledge of pigments and color theory. This is where I now find my focus in viscosity. I mix and study the reaction of fluid acrylics in scientific methods to harness their energies. With these methods, I can control how the pigments attract or repel as they contest for space. The finished piece is a natural cellular-like form. Through procedural study and experimentation, I am now able to achieve this effect with discipline and control; leaving little to «the laws of chance,” but always welcoming that element of magic.

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