My name is Sehr Yaqoob, I am a Pakistani artist based in Boston. I always loved to create and following that passion I found myself in this profession. This past year with the pandemic, all of us have felt an array of emotions. Painting for me was an outlet to make sense of this strange time, compartmentalize each incident and capture it in a piece of art trying to make sense of it through color and positivity. 

My work focuses on expressing personal reflections through thick gestural strokes and stoney backgrounds that I create using gesso and salt. I use textured backgrounds that allow colors to pop out and in turn create interesting shadows and contours within the bounds of my work. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Class of 2017 with a B.ARCH and BFA. I worked as an architect for 4 years, while I loved that space it never truly let me express myself as a creator. When the pandemic struck, I finally had time to focus on myself again. The reason I went to RISD was because I wanted to be a painter and years later, it was painting again that seemed to ground me and bring me solace. I love the idea of telling my own story through graphics. I started creating one painting per day just to destress and before I knew it, I had a mountain of artwork at my place and nowhere to store it. I decided to start an instagram page and sell my artwork, which gave me more insight into the art world. I feel that most of my work is full of deep colors and textures that provoke the people looking at it to take a second and stop, just to see all the layers and understand its beauty. Allowing the person who buys it to take a few seconds or minutes out of their life to ponder their inner thoughts. This is the effect I hope to create with my work, as that is what painting is to me, a depiction of my inner thoughts. 


My instagram pagehelped me gain outreach with the artworld allowing me to interact with many more artists and brands. I got called on to do a video for a lifestyle brand, where I taught abstract art techniques as a form of therapy, and to reduce the stigma and fear around art. I found that experience very rewarding as I received a very positive response. People found the session very calming and good for their mental health. I have also been asked to showcase my artwork at a few galleries. The first one is an art gallery In Milan. The exhibition was themed ‘Parisio’, and the depiction of the art was to capture paradise through your work. I also got called upon by a gallery in Venice that will be representing my work in their upcoming gallery show titled ‘Emerald’. I recently showcased my work with Galeria Azur in Spain Madrid, in a show titled Paradox, the paintings from that exhibition are now available via Artsy and Artsper.bI am very excited by each and everyone of these opportunities as it is helping me grow as an artist. I appreciate that the world, while going through difficult times, is making an effort to prioritize the art and design community and realize its importance in times like these.. 


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