Growing up in Korea art was my first love and my dream was to become an artist. Unexpected circumstances led me to move to the U.S. at age 16. Without speaking any English and with no one to rely on, I felt I needed to find a different career that I could support myself and help others. I decided that I wanted to become a physician, although it felt like an impossible dream. After years of grueling medical training, while learning English and supporting myself, I achieved my goal of becoming a physician. I have had a very successful and fulfilling career as a physician. But I never gave up on art, and I studied it whenever I could, while practicing medicine and raising two children. 

For the past 10 years, I've had an amazing career as a physician-artist. I've had numerous exhibits and received much recognition. In 2021 my artwork will be shown in the International Exhibits in Milan (March), New York (August), Paris (September), Luxembourg (September), Brussels (November), and Miami (December). 

As a physician, I witness a lot of human suffering and my goal is to lessen the physical suffering. My mission as an artist is to bring Beauty, Joy, and Optimism in contrast to the darkness in the world. My colors are bold, vibrant, and beautiful. My message in my art is simple: to live to the fullest, with passion because life is indeed a precious gift.

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