Tobias Pinto

Tobias Lima Lopes Pinto is a hyperrealistic painter who mixes hyperrealistic paintings with different styles and techniques.


Starting to drew from a very young age Tobias Pinto early discovered his passion to experiment and to express himself in his creativity. After finishing school and studying design and technology he deepened his creativity in drawing and painting mostly portraits. He taught himself the process of tattooing in a 6 month period and started to work as a tattoo artist.


After 2 Years of working in a Tattoo studio it was not stimulating him the way he needed. “ I felt that that my art had to grow, I felt that for me the mediums of tattooing were limiting me to express myself freely in my creative process.”


Starting to paint with oilpaintings he found the perfect medium to express his inspiration on the canvas and to fully grow in his passion for Art . He started to invest his free time in studying and painting oil paintings while working full time as a tattoo artist.

In 2018 he finally quit his job as a tattoo artist to dedicate himself fully to his growth as an artist.


While painting hyperrealistic oilpaintings and mixing different techniques and materials Tobias Pinto tries not to focus on a certain style or movement .

“It is essential for me to go were my inspiration leads me free from ideals, the idea of perfection or any goals. Sometimes I feel inspired to paint a certain colour, sometimes I want to express a feeling or tell a story. I try to keep my Art as “free” as it can be and bring my inspiration into form.”


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