Toby King-Thompson

Toby is a 24-year-old contemporary artist from London. He has a rare perceptual phenomenon called synaesthesia. Toby sees words, names and digits in colour. Thus his fascination with colour and its perception has been truly in-born. As well as being a featured artist on Hansford & Sons Emerging Artist Platform and being a resident artist for Lacuna Art; The Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid has recently signed a contract of collaboration with Toby as their international emerging artist. Toby has been invited to exhibit his artwork at a major Contemporary Art fair in Luxembourg in September 2020. This event is expected to have 20,000 visitors from around the world. Toby is also exhibiting at the first fully digital multimedia gallery called M.A.D.S. in Milan during Fashion Week in September. In addition, he is exhibiting in the first fully immersive and fully interactive virtual art gallery in the world in November.

Toby is a skilful and versatile artist in a vast variety of mediums and styles including fine art, post-impressionism and abstract expressionism. He has completed paintings of landscapes and seascapes in oil paints and acrylics. As an International Relations graduate and masters post- graduate he has a strong interest in global affairs. Toby has accomplished works depicting a political perspective, which have been published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Public Policy.

Toby’s most recent focus is in abstract art using fluid acrylic paints. “As a synesthete I have a unique attraction to express my daily visions of colour in my artwork. I want my abstract art to open a gateway between the exclusive perception of someone with synaesthesia and reality. I want to create a bridge from my ‘minds eye’ to canvas, through the use of colour with paint”

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