Véronique Kathrina Jonassen is a French-Norwegian artist born in Norway, raised in Togo and educated in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. She is based in Asia since 2008.

Véronique has been exposed to wildly different countries and cultures from an early age. She spent her childhood exploring frozen to arid landscapes, visiting city landmarks and museums, learning the appreciation of art, architecture and nature. Raised in multicultural, multifaceted and sometimes conflicting environments, she is passionate about art, dance and colourful ethnic patterns. Her inspiration is wide and colourful, resulting in a unique mix of emotions that fuel her creativity.

Véronique started her artistic life from a very young age through the intense practice of ballet. In 2010, she survived a life-threatening horseback-riding accident that almost left her paralysed. This defining moment changed her life. Through intense months of recovery, painting became her way to evade. A strong believer in fundamental technique and practice, Veronique trained for the following two years in oil painting with some of the most talented young Russian artists, members of the International Association of Art.

Today, Veronique’s art is a combination of realistic oil paintings and abstract expressionist acrylic pieces. Through the mastery of contrasts, with a combination of short fast strokes, the use of reflective paint and gold leaves, her work has a focus on movement, perspective and light. Using primarily palette knife, Veronique’s art has a depth and volume that bursts through all her creations, enabling the viewer to delve with her into a specific world or emotion. You can feel the wind in the tree leaves, you believe you will see your reflection in the water by just bending forward a little more, you can pick up the flowers from the field by just extending your hand. In her abstract work, time, conflict, passion, loss, hope are her source of inspiration. Veronique’s Scandinavian influence shows particularly through her most recent series the “Nordic Fly” collection, where the crisp of the arctic cold, the comfort of the polar eternal sun and the wilderness of the bare northern landscapes come together with the powerful emotions of love, growth and pain through vivid energetic abstract creations.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2021 – International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg 2021, Luxexpo The Box. 19-21 March
  • 2020 – Van Gogh Art Gallery, Calle de las Hileras, Madrid, Spain. 27 October - 27 November
  • 2020 – International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco 2020, Espace Fontvieille. 21-23 August
  • 2019 – Tatinis Art Show, Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Finland. 30 August - 01 September
  • 2019 – “The Nordic Fly”, The Conscious Festival, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong. 13-14 April
  • 2010 – “Inner World”, Shared exhibition & auction for Charity with Société Générale, Hong Kong

Publications and Media

Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 14. January 2021.
“Get to Know all the Artists Descending Upon The Conscious Festival This Weekend.” Green is the new Black. April 2019

Current Representations

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