William Atkinson

I have been creating for over ten years with my work ranging from fine art to street art, including public installations and events. Expressionism, re-contextualization of imagery and inclusion of text are used to create public discourse about how we, as society and individuals, process information and make decisions.

I first exhibited my work publicly on the streets of Los Angeles. As I progressed into fine art, I wanted to keep true to this initial form of expression. My first gallery exhibitions incorporated found objects with imagery rooted in street art. My current work has evolved into fine art while maintaining a connection to my earlier work. Street art forced me to create in a single expressive moment and I continue this practice in my current studio work, making large scale compositions in one session. While many artists create one work over days or months, I do not revisit any of my pieces once the initial emotion has passed, ensuring that I capture the energy of that single expressive moment. I work across multiple mediums with a consistent tone and voice echoing my early artistic roots.»

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