In the pictorial field, the creation is the reflection of a personality, 

of a lived experience, of a sensitivity under controlled environmental influence or not... 

Born in a rural environment and graduate of the Rouen School of Fine Arts, Yves Jaquet draws his inspiration from nature to nourish his artistic expression. 

Very quickly, he oriented his research towards the plant and mineral world and developed his own mixed techniques, mainly based on cardboard, paper and natural pigments. 

Organic matter, the soil of his inspiration, returns to its own expression, to its progressive states, depositing its own memories, its sharp winters, its splendid springs, its radiant autumns. She reveals to us the emotions, the crossings of the ages, the improbable stories, the imaginary memories... 

Structured by natural rhythms, bristled or caressed by lichens that take the shape of reality, deeply inked by our original universe, her works have their own life. 

It is not useless to think that this true-false matter is composed of paper pulp, itself resulting from the tree. Thus, the loop is closed: his paintings-sculptures are the witnesses of the perpetual movement of the matter. 

Yves Jaquet’s works, fascinating mimicries, tell us about our roots, life, rebirth and the future, offering us infinite horizons, which we can already see...

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