Sonja Orasche


Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Angelina Jolie – personalities everyone thinks they know, and yet nobody manages to see through. A mysterious myth, to which Sonja Orasche now devotes herself in her acrylic works. She sets up the black and white portraits in a kind of grid, making the icons of music and film history become indistinct. They seem to appear out of the darkness almost ghostly, and only reveal their faces at a certain distance. An almost eerie encounter, to which one still feels magically attracted. „I love playing with light and shadow. Pure white and mysterious black form an interesting field of tension which underlines the inscrutable personality of the individual star even more strongly“; says Orasche.

The Salzburg native has devoted herself to painting for more than 20 years. While initially colourful watercolours were the focus of her work, in her new series she concentrates on puristic acrylic painting. Nevertheless, the lightness of the watercolor is also reflected here, and it opens the view to the painting ground.

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